An outside view of Calgary
from the inside

The Stampede is overrated. The Flames, well, they always seem to make plans to start golfing in May. The vibrant night scene … maybe for the youngsters. But the mountains, OMG, the mountains. All I’m saying is that the city is what you make of it. Here are my personal favourites.

The City

Services are not enough, taxes are always high, traffic is bad, and city council doesn’t know what they are doing. Most cities are look alike and Calgary is no exception. But if you look close enough, you will find the little details that
make all the difference.

The Mountains

It takes time to cultivate a following.Once you’re past the dry skin, headaches, occasional nose bleeding and the fear of bears you will be on Mountain paradise: the air, the views,
the sounds, the landscapes, harmony.

The Winter

Winter is coming. Nothing is certain except death, taxes andWinter in Canada. There is no scape to it. The sooner you make peace with this, the sooner you will start to appreciate what Winter has to offer.

The Sky

Look to the heavens, the sunrises, the sunsets, the clouds, the birds, the fog, the rain, the snow, the light blue, the navy blue, the oranges, the pinks, the greens, the purples, the stars, lady Aurora. The vast horizon. Reach for the sky.

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